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Friendship: Forever or For Today?

Friendship... We often take it for granted. Our good friends are there. We know where to find them. We feel confident they'll understand our absences from their lives. We ignore them because we get too busy... have too much going on... feel too stressed out... are too tired... have family stuff... have work stuff... and on and on and on.

The day comes when we realize we haven't talked to this friend or that friend for weeks, then months, then years... okay, maybe we don't often let it go to years, but sometimes we do.
We excuse our lack of effort by checking what they're posting on social media or perhaps asking someone else how they're doing.
When we get back in touch, we pull out the too busy excuse knowing full well our friends know we've made time for other friends, just not the friend before us. Perhaps the friend smiles and says all is forgiven - maybe even offers a lame brushoff about having been busy as well. We have a stilted conversation about nothin…