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Suspension of Disbelief...

"...I felt that what I wanted that scene to say to the reader was more important than its surface reality or plausibility." - Richard Wright, transcript of How Bigger Thomas Was Born included in the book, Native Son.

When I read the above line in Richard Wright's essay/speech about how he created Bigger Thomas as the main character of Native son, I stopped. I stared. I read it again... Again... Again... Then I  read it  out loud, once, twice, thrice.

There's an element in fiction where what's happening must stand a test of whether or not the reader can suspend their disbelief in order to be included; however, I've come to realize this suspension of disbelief depends on many things including the reader's own life experience, or lack thereof. It's easier to get someone who has no experience in a field to believe something because they don't have the background to question it with authority.

But we often do this... We often suspend our disbelief so we c…