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Reading as a Featured Poet at Salem Poetry Project

I read as the featured poet at Salem Poetry Project on February 11, 2016. Salem Poetry Project is a weekly poetry reading with a featured poet followed by an open mic that takes place at Frozation Nation in downtown Salem, Oregon.

Every event has its own vibe. As a poet sharing my work, it's my responsibility to set a mood that conveys my message while reading my audience's receptivity to the words being shared.
I picked out enough poems to read for the requested approximately 25-30 minutes. I read from each of my five published books of poetry as well as a few unpublished poems. The audience remained receptive throughout.
The poets who read during the open mic were wonderful. Each brought their own unique attitudes and experiences to the poems they shared.
I would encourage anyone in the Salem area who is in the slightest bit interested in poetry to check out Salem Poetry Project. 
Poets, Salem Poetry Project is a wonderful event to share your work.
I'm grateful to poet, Ariel,…