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Love's Endurance

"Lemon, I cannot marry you. Not when a part of me is in love with someone else." George to Lemon in Hart of Dixie, The Big Day episode. (yes, I watch this show even though I'm not sure why. It's not my usual choice for entertainment, but, oh well.)

I can't get this line out of my mind. In part because for some reason I kept falling asleep during this episode and awaking just at this point, so I kept rewinding and watching the last half of the episode again. But it's more than the repetition... There's something about how unrealistic it sounds. It's a very romantic notion. It makes good fiction, but can real life be that clear?

Every time we love, we give a little piece of ourselves to the one we love. In return, we generally get a little piece of that person. When a relationship ends, often the love transforms to either hate or indifference, but it was love once. In love lives hope. In hope lives the willingness to compromise, to sacrifice, and to end…

Making Choices, Accepting Life, and Finding the Way

Life takes us where we need to go, or so people say. People tell us to accept where we're at in order to get where we're supposed to be. I want desperately to believe that because if it's true the mistake I made many years ago that changed not only my life but the lives of several people I loved wasn't a mistake. It was simply life taking me where I needed to go to find my way to where I belong.


When I think about it, I can't help but wonder so many things. If I'd made that other choice, the one I really wanted but didn't think I deserved, would life be better? Not just mine but that of all those involved. I was so sure of things then. I never second-guessed my decisions - okay, maybe never is an overstatement. Instead, I acted and let things fall where they fell.

The other night as I chatted in the warm night air of Louisville, Kentucky with my friend, KP, I couldn't help but revisit my past decisions. We talked about our lives in the years sinc…

The Best of Intentions

I brought my mini with me on my trip to Kentucky with the best of intentions... I planned to blog while here and to write reviews as I went. So much for intentions. I'm sitting at my friend, Kelly's house, and now I realize that didn't quite work out. This is the first time I've had a chance to work on either of my blogs since I left for Kentucky.

Kelly and I are sitting here acting like we did in college. Working a little on our projects, chatting a little, and just generally being together. Funny how that works. You find yourself comfortable with someone and old patterns resume without a single thought.

Conversation, work, and respect for one another's process and goals fall into place easily when two people know one another well. With friends like that it's easy to keep track of one's intentions and not feel guilty about pursuing those intentions.

It can be easy to let work slide, to let goals slide, to let routines slide while travelling, visiting, and …

Women Empower Themselves

I'm a strong advocate for women's self-empowerment.Women should embrace life and invite pleasure into their lives. Women should never cower in the corner or give over their power to another human being, male or female.

In the name of women's empowerment, I recently read a book called Mama Gena's School of Womanly Arts : Using the Power of Pleasure to Have Your Way with the World. It was a fun and interesting read, but I didn't find it particularly eye-opening. I am a Southern girl. I know all there is to know about flirting. I know how to be the most angelic bitch or the bitchiest angel or everything on the scale between. I know more than a little about the art of manipulation. And, this is where the rub begins for me. I hate, hate, hate it when anyone tells me that for a man to treat a woman like she deserves to be treated, she has to manipulate him into doing so. I'm sorry, but, if that's true, then sign me up for the other team right now.

Okay, not reall…