The Best of Intentions

I brought my mini with me on my trip to Kentucky with the best of intentions... I planned to blog while here and to write reviews as I went. So much for intentions. I'm sitting at my friend, Kelly's house, and now I realize that didn't quite work out. This is the first time I've had a chance to work on either of my blogs since I left for Kentucky.

Kelly and I are sitting here acting like we did in college. Working a little on our projects, chatting a little, and just generally being together. Funny how that works. You find yourself comfortable with someone and old patterns resume without a single thought.

Conversation, work, and respect for one another's process and goals fall into place easily when two people know one another well. With friends like that it's easy to keep track of one's intentions and not feel guilty about pursuing those intentions.

It can be easy to let work slide, to let goals slide, to let routines slide while travelling, visiting, and researching. When a friend is a friend such as Kelly, that friend will accompany you on a research day that is fun for all and be patient and understanding that your research must take precendence to the day's fun. It is interesting  how some people do this well and others don't do it so well.

Yesterday, Kelly and her daughters accompanied me to Cumberland State Falls because I needed to visit it for the novel I'm writing. They helped me, paid attention to what I needed to do, and still enjoyed the day. We enjoyed the time together without stressing over the next minute or the next. Kelly understood my intentions to do what I needed to do while spending time with her.

So, while some of my intentions for this trip haven't panned out, some have. I've done my research and now I've written a blog. I may not have managed to keep everything as current as I would've liked, but I've gone with the flow and enjoyed my trip.

My intentions are always to keep my end goal in mind and to be flexible. It's great when people understand and support those goals. But it's even more important that I remember and support my goals and my intentions while maintaining the flexibility necessary to enjoy life as it develops! I feel like I'm getting better at it every day!


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