Here I am moving my blog again...
I started blogging on MySpace and moved to a blog hosted by my website provider, http://writewithtlc.tlcooper.com/. I love that blog and plan to continue writing about many of the same topics here - writing, publishing, inspiration, life, etc.
I made this move to improve my offerings to you, my readers, and to hopefully make it a more enjoyable experience for us all! As I understand it, there are things I can do here that I just couldn't do on my old blog! Hopefully, we'll have some fun with that and learn something new along the way.
The old blog will remain live and can be referenced at any time. I will even likely link back to it from time to time as life is a continuing journey that builds our future on our todays and our yesterdays!
For those who are finding me for the first time, take a minute to look at some of the posts on the old blog if you wish, but don't forget to come back here. This is where the fun will be from now on!


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