Friday, October 7, 2011

The Itch

I feel that itch again... The one that torments me... The one that divorces me from life... The one that swallows me whole and refuses to spit me out until I satisfy it... The one that makes me myriad promises of possibility...

Yes, that's right... I feel a new writing project starting to form in my mind. The problem? I still have projects in the works that need my attention right now. Projects I don't want to abandon. Projects that are important to me. So I asked my muse to wait patiently with the new idea. Now she's pouting in the recesses of my mind. I explained to her reasonably and rationally that I need to publish the books of poetry, edit my short stories into a book or possibly two, finish writing two short stories, finish the novel I'm writing, edit a manuscript yet again, and work on a nonfiction book that I'm planning. I promised if she helped me with those, then I would give her full reign to take me on a new adventure. And, yet she hides first in one recess of my mind and then another. I gave a little treat Wednesday and jotted down the rough draft of a couple new poems while I waited at the dentist's office. She became giddy but retreated back into her pout as soon as she realized I was still focused on my already-in-progress projects.

My muse just wants to play with the exciting new ideas and leave behind the ones she feels she's given enough energy. She likes exploring new things. I understand where she's coming from as this week has been filled with a lot of tedious tasks that require little new writing but are important nonetheless.

I remember recently saying fighting my muse was useless, so instead of fighitng her I'm trying to redirect her energy to help me finish the projects already in the works. I coerce by telling her that people want to read the poetry I've written but can't until I get the books published. She rolls her eyes and says "Just fnish it already." I try to explain to her that there's a process, that I have to do things right. Again, she just rolls her eyes and tells me to get on with the new stuff.

I've relented a little and told her she can daydream a little now and then preparing for the new project as long as she lets me work on the already-in-progress projects. I think we've come to an understanding. I've convinced myself that once Love in Silhouette is finished and reaching its audience, she'll see why it's important to let me finish my already-in-progress projects before we start another new one...

But then again, I feel that itch...

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