Standing in the Moment

We stand in this moment. Then we'll stand in the next moment. Then the next. Then... Well, you get picture.

As we stand in each moment we choose how to act and how to react. We can stand in love. We can stand in anger. We can stand in resentment. We can stand in sadness. We can stand in happiness. We can stand in disappointment. We can stand in satisfaction. We can stand in ectasy. We can stand in gratitude. We can stand in isolation. We can stand in togetherness. We can stand in openness. We can stand in closedoff-ness.

Often it feels like we don't have a choice of what we stand in due to outside circumstances. The words someone says to us hurt our feelings. Someone's attitude towards us cuts deeply. Someone denies us something to which we feel entitled. Someone makes us do something we don't want to do. (Yeah, yeah, we all say no one can make us do anything we don't want to do, but if that was true there would be no victims in this world. There would also likely be very few clean houses and very few people working at menial jobs. So there.) Someone takes something away that we love. Someone leaves us behind through death or a relationship ending. Or myriad other little hurts we encounter through typical human interaction.

Sometimes the place someone leads us is even positive. Someone says something that makes us smile. Someone mentions a memory that brings a sense of togetherness. Someone give us a reason to laugh. Someone reminds us of the power of human touch through a hug or a kiss lifting a bad mood. Someone reaches out when we hurt and reminds us life will get better.

It dawned on me this morning that sometimes when I really should feel like all is hopeless, I find I stand in hope and happiness. Is that weird? I don't know. Maybe it's just realizing that wallowing in self-pity or becoming self-destructive, as I've tended to do in the past, isn't going to have positive results. So I find something else to cling to, to look forward to, to rejoice in.

What I do know is that when stand in love, I find tackling the hurts of life much easier. When I stand in anger or resentment or sadness, I find it harder to find my way back to happiness even when things look positive or someone reminds me I'm worthy of happiness and love.

I'm not encouraging the idea of denying our true feelings. I say feel what you feel, embrace those feelings, even celebrate the bad feelings, then grab on to what motivates you to improve your life and move forward.

My forthcoming book of poetry, Love in Silhouette, explores the positives and negative aspects of feeling and sharing love in romantic relationships. Reflections in Silhouette, my second book of poetry to be released soon, explores the idea of learning to love and accept one's self. These two books of poetry explore my ongoing struggle to stand in love no matter what barriers I encounter. Both books explore my desire to always choose to stand in my truth whatever the truth of the moment may be. I hope you'll join me in doing so!


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