It So Is About the Nail...

Given the number of women who have posted the You Tube video, "It's Not About the Nail", to Facebook, I'm fairly certain my reaction to it will be in the minority.

I found the video ludicrous. I understand that's it's a metaphor, but it's like comparing horses to fish.

I will concede the point that there are many times when people, women in particular, just want to be heard and don't want someone else to solve the problem for them; however, let's be realistic, any woman with any sense whatsoever isn't going to want to talk about how having a nail in her head makes her feel.

As I watched it, I remembered an incident in my house a few days prior. Meme, my gray cat, jumped off my lap when my husband made a loud noise. As she jumped she scratched my thigh deeply enough it bled and bruised. My husband asked me in a very caring way how I felt about her scratching me. I replied "Like I need a band-aid." as I left the room to find one. Seriously, I didn't need to have a heart-to-heart. I needed a band-aid, so I wouldn't get blood on my clothes or the floor or the furniture.

If I had a frigging nail in my head, the only thing I feel the need for is an emergency room filled with competent medical professionals to safely remove the nail. What the hell is talking about how I feel about the stupid nail in my head going to accomplish? Seriously?

There are times in life when talking about feelings and seeking validation make perfect sense. If someone hurts another person's feelings, being heard and validated makes sense. There's not really anything else one can do. In the case of an "unfixable" situation, being heard and validated can serve to make one feel better. In the case where one is trying to figure out how to handle a situation, often being heard brings clarity even if the person to whom one is talking can't offer any solutions. This is called venting... And guess what, folks, not only women vent. Men do, too. Sometimes in different ways, but it's a human thing, not a gender thing.

The point is there are times when we need to vent, and times when we need action taken... Nail in the head - ACTION time, folks.

So, guys, if your wife or girlfriend or female friend or any woman comes to you with a nail sticking out of her head, take her to the emergency room.Seriously, I promise you she will know you care about her if you do. Don't sit her down for a heart to heart.  She's not going to wonder why you didn't sit her down on the couch to ask how she felt about having a nail in her head.

My primary thought as I watched it was that no woman is that stupid.

In crime fiction, there's a character, far too often a woman, who is known as the "too stupid to live" character... The woman character in this short film fit that description perfectly.

Let me reiterate, I do understand that it's a metaphor. It's just a bad and offensive one that makes women look like they're too stupid to know what's good for them.

Women possess logic and reason whether or not the world wants to believe it.

NOTE: I'm not sharing the video because I really don't want to promote it. If you really want to watch it, go to You Tube and search for it.


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