Writers on The Move - One Year After Joining

Around a year ago I joined a Facebook group created by Christina Katz called Writers on the Move with some trepidation because I'm not much of one for workout groups. I blogged about my feelings about workout groups in August 2011 in the post, Writer on the Move May Change My Opinion of Workout Groups, shortly after joining Writers on the Move.

This group is great! I've met many people through the group who have become my friends. Supportive people pursuing a healthier lifestyle populate the group. The group is called Writers on the Move, but the emphasis is on the Move part not the Writers part. We rarely discuss writing though once in a while someone will acknowledge they've let their writing schedule affect their exercise schedule and/or eating habits or, though more rarely, vice versa. Often, members will remind themselves they need to get back on track in the same post. Then the group rallies to give words of encouragement and inspiration.

Everyone seems to enjoy something different or a different combination of exercise routines. The discussion expands my thinking and understanding about fitness. Members share new ideas and information. We ask questions about things we don't understand.  We offer advice based on our experiences, often complete with short anecdotes. We encourage one another to stick with our routines as well as to expand our thinking to include other exercises that may support our other routines. We inspire each other to keep moving regardless of our choice of movement.

I've long known a regular workout routine enhanced my writing as well as my life in general. When I practice yoga every day, my productivity improves. I find the process of yoga improves my focus. When I focus better, the words flow better. I achieve more in my personal life when I practice yoga at least five days a week. Sometimes I think I don't have time to practice yoga, and, almost always, I discover I don't accomplish as much during the day as I do on days when I take the time to do yoga.

I am amazed by how much I look forward to reading the posts on this group even though they are often very similar to the previous day's posts. When I read about other people sticking to their routines or struggling to find a rhythm or searching for just the right exercise for them, I feel connected to someone who understands. When I can answer a question, provide information, or offer encouragement, I feel helpful. When I get a little "like" or a nice comment from someone in the group, it's like a little pat on the back for something I would've done anyway. Yet, that pat on the back feels great!

Writers on the Move encourages me to practice yoga daily as well as to increase the intensity and duration of my routines. When I slack off, I know I can turn to Writers on the Move to find the encouragement to get moving again. Not only will I get the encouragement and inspiration I need to resume my yoga practice, I know it will be judgment free...

So one year later, I can definitely report that being a member of Writers on the Move changed the way I view exercise groups... I still have no desire to work out in front of other people, but that's okay. I've found a group that works for me!

If you're a writer and you care about your health, Writers on the Move just might help you even if you, like me, already exercise regularly. Join us!


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