Fighting My Muse... Again. Will I Ever Learn?

Last year I wrote a post about fighting my muse. Apparently, I didn't learn my lesson. Yesterday I got up with a clear idea of what I wanted to write about. The title had already written itself. I was excited, so I typed the title in the little box - something I usually don't do until I'm at least halfway finished writing a post.
I started typing. Did I mention I was excited? Then I looked at the words on the screen. They had absolutely nothing to do with what I planned to write... Huh? Who took over my hands? My thoughts? My brain? So for the next couple of hours I fought with my muse about what to write.

There was a post I wanted to write. Then there was the post I was writing. How did happiness over connecting with the people in my life morph into a post about introverts versus extroverts? Really? Well, it was something I'd wanted to explore for a while, but it wasn't the plan for that post.

I walked away from the post, answered some messages, did a few chores, gave my cats some attention, took a shower, and daydreamed about what I'd planned to write. I sat down ready to rewrite the post and say what I wanted to say, but something stopped my hand above the keyboard. It refused to let go until I gave in and went with the post I'd written. I felt kind of possessed.

I still think I need to write the other post, but I suppose I'll have to wait until my muse gives me permission...

Rereading last year's post about fighting my muse brought an interesting insight. The post about introverts vs. extroverts is much safer that the other post in that it doesn't expose any of my vulnerabilities. Perhaps my muse knew better than I did that I'm not quite ready to commit those other thoughts and feelings to a post to be shared with others.

So, once again, I must recognize my muse usually knows what's best if I take the time to listen and stop being so incredibly stubborn.

Score another one for my muse...


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