Oh, No, My Enthusiasm Waned? When Did That Happen? How Did I Miss It?

Sometimes we really don't know what we need until we receive it. Today I had a two hour conversation with an author friend. We talked about the book industry, our work, our personal lives, and the struggle it can be to accept new things.

As we talked I felt encouraged about the plans and goals I set a year ago. I hadn't even realized I'd lost some of my enthusiasm over the past few months, but I had. Life has brought some uncertainty my way, and I haven't been able to do some things I would like to do. Falling behind on the schedule I set for myself started to weigh on me even though the delays have mostly been caused by things beyond my control.
I haven't quit working on my projects or striving to meet my goals, but somewhere in the past few months I began to fall into old habits of allowing self-doubt and self-recriminations to sneak into my thoughts from time to time. I pushed them aside and kept plugging away, but they were there. And, those little negative moments ate away at my enthusiasm.

As we talked about possibilities and new ideas, as we shared experiences and goals, as we discussed marketing and publicity techniques, I began to feel less exhausted and more energized. I began to remember why I chose to take the path I'm currently on. I remembered that I have a whole team of people cheering for my success! When I feel my enthusiasm wane, they will lend me some of theirs until mine is restored!

But, the thing that I still can't quite grasp is how I didn't even realize my enthusiasm had waned. I honestly just thought I was tired and over scheduled, but I guess that is the point, isn't it?

When we become too tired to accomplish our goals, that exhaustion can eat away at our enthusiasm slowly without us even taking notice. That's why it is so important to take care of ourselves, especially when life interrupts our best laid plans!

Taking care of ourselves is more than eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough sleep. It is also getting in touch with our attitudes, emotions, and thoughts. It is recognizing that we really can't do it all. It is remembering that what doesn't get done today will be there tomorrow. It is allowing ourselves the same respite we would encourage another to take. It is reaching out to our support system to help us through. It is acknowledging to ourselves that maybe we need someone to remind us what we've forgotten even though we hate to admit we've forgotten it.


  1. I think allowing ourselves some respite is often the hardest part of taking care of ourselves.

    1. I know it tends to be for me, Johanna! I'm not sure if I'm comforted or saddened that others have the same problem! :-) Please give yourself a little respite! You deserve it!


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