Day 10 - PAD Challenge - Dream Future

We've reached Day 10 of the WD 2014 April PAD Challenge. That means we're one third of the way through the challenge and through April! Wow! It feels like we've barely started. Today's prompt is to write a future poem.

As I thought about what the future means to me, I remembered various time in my life when the future meant different things. The future is always fantasy until it is reality, which is what makes the future so intriguing.

Here's my future poem...

Dream Future

Remember when
The future was all we had
We looked to tomorrow
For all our answers
Forgetting to live for today
We saw a perfect life
Unlike any we knew
Beyond the imagination
We embraced the unrealistic
As something to achieve
Never stopping to see
Today was perfect enough
In our push for tomorrow
We failed to see the moment
When our paths diverged
At the tiny crossroads
Between your future and mine
Maybe somewhere down the line
When we’ve learned to appreciate
The moment we stand in
Mountains to climb
Boulders to avoid
Rivers to cross
Shaded trails
Sunny meadows
Knowing each moment
Must be lived for what it is
If we’re to find the next moment
So we can find our future
In the moments we share


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