Day 12 - PAD Challenge - Daddy's City Girl

The farm where I grew up
As soon I read the prompt, write a city poem, for today's WD 2014 April PAD Challenge, I heard my Daddy's voice calling me his "city girl" when I was growing up. He often affectionately teased me with this nickname because, well, I wasn't much of a farm girl... I didn't care for what living on a farm required - in particular, I hated getting dirty. So I allowed this one to simmer today until I finally decided how I wanted to say it. Given the prompt I suppose I should have chosen a picture of a city for the photo, but it just didn't feel right for me. Instead, I chose a pic from the farm where I grew up.

This one is for my Daddy...

Daddy's City Girl

Strolling through the woods
Crossing the creek
Standing on a fallen log
I dreamed of skyscrapers
I longed for bustling streets
I imagined night life at the ready
Daddy called me his city girl
Setting tobacco
Canning food from the garden
Carrying wood for the fire
I dreamed of office work
Eating at a different restaurant every night
Heat at my fingertips
Daddy called me his city girl
I woke each morning
Figured out a plan
Stretched my limits
Worked to find a way out
I saw the city as my salvation
Daddy called me his city girl
As I sit as a desk typing each day
I miss the sun on my face from farm work
As I walk city streets
I search for trees and waterfalls
As I plant my garden each year
I recall how garden vegetables top store bought
As I cook my meals
I see how a restaurant never holds the love of home-cooked
As I turn on my gas fireplace
I still don’t miss carrying wood for the fire…
Still, Daddy’s city girl has found

A bit of country in her heart


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