PAD Challenge - Day 18 - Heartfelt Drought

Today's WD 2014 April PAD Challenge prompt was to write a weather poem. Weather often plays a role in my poems. I've written about sunshine, rain, tornadoes, clouds, storms, etc. I considered writing about hurricanes or typhoons, but my mind kept returning to droughts.

The process of writing poetry is often one of surrender. One must surrender to where the inspiration takes one rather than going where one wants to go...

Here is my weather poem...

Heartfelt Drought

 The drought took our future
Turned our fertile hearts to deserts
Our love wilted in the fields
Our hope dried on the vines
Our trust withered on the trees
Our desire blew away on the wind
Our kisses couldn’t cure the parched hearts
Our embraces couldn’t revive our love
Our deception couldn’t save our hope
Our promises couldn’t save our trust
One day truth rained on our cracked hearts
We stared into each other’s eyes
Was there anything left to salvage?
Would the tears end our drought?


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