PAD Challenge - Day 6 - Night's Power

Well, we've reached Day 6 of the WD 2014 April PAD Challenge. Are we having fun yet? Today's prompt was night. I started thinking about how often my poems incorporate night/day into them... Okay, let's not count...

So many things about night intrigue us. We think of night when bad things happen and when romance commences. We think of night as a time to party and a time to rest. Night changes for us at different stages in our lives. Even with it's changes, there are a lot of constants. I have to admit, night is a topic I enjoy writing about in my poetry...

So here's my night poem...

Night's Power

Standing on the shore
Staring into the inky night
The stars hiding their twinkle
The moon at our backs
Waves lapping gently at our ankles
Like a dog’s tongue
We let go of each other
To stand on our own
Awaiting dawn’s theft of dark
Casting the future
In bright oranges and pinks
The sun stealing the light
It lent the moon
As it prepares for another day
In the life we built
In the cool darkness of night
Where our vision of truth was clouded
Allowing us to embrace the moment
For it was all we could see
Until we could no longer see each other
In the inkiness where you tried to be
A Knight riding in to rescue me from myself
Only to find this distressed princess a warrior
Who saved you when you stumbled on your sword
I closed my eyes against the day
Waited until the twilight of the setting sun
The opening of my eyes showed you’d
Moved on to conquer a soul in need
Rather than stand hand in hand with me
As night fell once again
I looked out over the water
Took a step toward life’s promise
Little did you know
Little did I know

Night had lost its power over me


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