PAD Challenge - Day Two - Kiss Launched Voyage

Balloon Ride Napa Valley
Today's WD 2014 April PAD Challenge prompt is to write a voyage poem. I often write about the journey of life and love and joy and pain and..., so this one didn't feel all that foreign to me. After all, all of life is a voyage. We travel from each moment to the next with every breath. Think about your own journey... Do you have a poem to write. If so, write it!

Here's my voyage poem. Hope you enjoy!

Kiss Launched Voyage

Your kiss
Launched me on a voyage
Into the deepest blue
Igniting a passion
I struggled to forget
As life pulled our kiss apart
Taking us on voyages
Around the world
Never to intersect again
Except those moments
When memory launched
The voyage of our kiss into view
As we kissed another
Searching for that voyage
We found in our first kiss
Only to fall to Earth
In a puddle of stagnation
Lost in a voyage
We abandoned
On a starry night
Filled with promise
Of the voyage we launched
As your lips met mine
As your tongue caressed mine
As our future became entwined
Even if all that’s left is the
Memory of the voyage
We denied ourselves
With the parting of our kiss


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