PAD Challenge - Day 17 - Pop, Pop, Pop

Today's prompt, write a pop culture poem, for the WD 2014 April PAD Challenge, left me feeling a bit like someone popped my balloon at a party... I've never been a big fan of labels, and I feel that labeling things as part of "pop culture" is one more way to divide and even to insult either those who fall into the trap or those who avoid getting jumping into the mix. To me, we need more cohesion in our lives. Just like what you like. I'm sure someone will agree with you just as someone will disagree with you... That's what I do anyway...

Here's my pop culture poem...

Pop, Pop, Pop

Cool today, Uncool tomorrow
I can’t be bothered to care
My life is too full to worry whether
I’m in touch with the latest cultural references
Pop culture is just one more label
Designed to separate us into groups
Leave me out or include me
I like what I like, cool or uncool
If something sticks around, it becomes culture
If not, I suppose it goes
Pop, pop, pop


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