PAD Challenge - Day 30 - Crescent Moon Rising

Today is the last day of the WD 2014 April PAD Challenge, and the prompt is appropriately to write a calling it a day poem. There are lots of ways to look at endings. I'm one of those people who always look for the new beginning waiting behind the ending - well, at least eventually. I thought about endings and clocks and calendars. I thought about the sun and the moon. I thought about life's beginnings and endings - there are many and they often seem never ending as we transition through life. I've come to accept transition in my life as not such a bad thing. It is after all, life itself...

As I approached this poem I thought not only about this being the end of the Writer's Digest, but also the end of my challenge to share my experience with the Writer's Digest PAD Challenge on my blog every day. I actually thought it would be harder than it has been... But, we shall now call the day on this project. I hope you've enjoyed it.

Here is my poem for the calling it a day prompt as we call it a day...

Crescent Moon Rising

I stared at the rising crescent moon
Holding our love in its heart
Asked myself
Is this really the end?
Am I to be forgotten again?
We followed our day
Through many incarnations
From shy exchanges
To bold caresses
From beautiful declarations
To angry accusations
From hesitant kisses
To heartfelt embraces
And always, always, back again
We stood beside one another
When the sun burned our dreams
When the rain washed away our foundation
When the snow blocked our windows
When the wind blew away our doors
Leaving us bare and broken
We picked each other up
Celebrated that we survived
Discovered opportunities to thrive
We celebrated resurrection of dreams
We rejoiced at a new foundation
We opened the windows to fresh air
We said “To hell with doors, who needs them anyway”
We stood beside each other through
The dawn, the day, the evening
And now we face
The crescent moon rising
Is it time to call it day?


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