PAD Challenge - Day 5 - Unearthed

We've reached Day 5 of the WD 2014 April PAD Challenge! Today's prompt was to write a discovery poem. I started out with intentions to write about discovering some beautiful, metaphorical gem, but instead had yesterday's them about discovering someone's judgmental attitude still teasing and taunting me. I fought it because I wanted to write something uplifting! But, such is the life of a poet... We write what we're driven to discover. What about you? Have you discovered a poem within yearning to be unearthed?

So here is my poem of discovery...


The day I unearthed
Your hypocrisy
Buried under only a thin layer of dry support
I thought my heart would break
I took a deep breath
Looked your judgment square in the eye
Something you had yet to do
Realized I couldn’t show you
What you’d buried so deeply within yourself
You ceased to recognize it in all its glowing ugliness
You hid behind words others spoke and you applauded
While denying you believed what you promoted
Yet your judgment destroyed love
Replaced it with a hate you denied feeling
I wonder if you see the disconnect
When you look in the mirror
The knowledge of what you truly believe
Even if you deny it to yourself
You may wonder why I ceased to share
Now you know
Your judgment belied your hypocrisy
I don’t trust you
And I’m far too vulnerable to fight
Your judgment of things you simply don’t understand
Your worldview tainted by your sheltered experience
Outward support doesn’t trump inner judgment
So keep your judgment and your hypocrisy
I don’t need that kind of faux support
Here’s a shovel
Bury your judgment and hypocrisy for 
Someone else to unearth


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