PAD Challenge - Day 29 - Love for My Love

It's Two for Tuesday over on the WD 2014 April PAD Challenge, so we've got two prompts to inspire our poetic musings for Day 29... The two prompts are to write a realism poem and a magical poem...

An interesting thing happened this morning as I began to think about these two prompts. I got the song I'll Fight For You by Foreigner stuck in my head, which reminded me of the last time I heard that song. It angered me. I used to love this song, but, man, did it strike a nerve the other day... I wanted to shout at it "Don't fight for me, love for me." I've come to believe that if you have to fight for someone to be in your life, you're better off without them. I want people in my life who are willing to love for me - love when things get tough, love when there's news to celebrate, love when we feel like we're drifting apart, love when life is mundane.... If we have to fight to love or if we force someone to fight to love us, we set up an adversarial relationship from the outset. I don't want that in my life...

I've decided to only share one poem because it encompasses both themes, realism and magical...

Love for My Love

I would battle demons for you
I would slay dragons for you
I would destroy the evil queen for you
I would conquer countries for you
I would take you away to an enchanted forest
I would crown you my queen

I would give you the grandest castle
I would defend your honor
I would fight for your love
These words make me cringe
They belong in the fairy tales where they originated
You want to be my knight on a white horse
Riding in to save the day
But I want someone who will
Battle demons beside me
Tame dragons with me
Forgive the evil queen
Spread peace to every country
Travel through the forest beside me
Lay down all crowns and join the crowd hand-in-hand with me
Live simply amidst compassion and acceptance
Understand my honor doesn’t need defending, ever
Love for my love


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