PAD Challenge - Day 27 - Monsters Meet

For Day 27 of the WD 2014 April PAD Challenge, the prompt is to write a monster poem... I immediately knew I wanted to write about inner monsters, and started thinking about how our inner monsters can destroy what we want in life. I began to think about the havoc any "supernatural" being an wreak given proper motivation but also how sometimes there's a thin line between facing the truth and creating drama... Anyway, here's the result...

Hope you enjoy!

Monsters Meet

Love me
Like my vampire teeth never drained blood from your veins
Like my wendigo jaw never ripped out your heart
Like my werewolf howl never pierced your spirit
Like the ghost of my past never possessed your soul
Like my zombie stupor never infected your mind
Like my demon fire never burned all your dreams for us to ashes
Like my medusa revenge never turned you to stone
Like my mermaid song never seduced your passion
Like my witch divination never revealed your deception
Like my goddess ire never stormed through all your pretenses

Like my inner monster never met your inner monster…


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