PAD Challenge - Day 4 - Since We Last Spoke

Oregon Coast
Today's WD 2014 April PAD Challenge prompt was to take the word "Since..." and add to it for a title and then write a poem. Since I started this challenge, I've been a little nervous about my commitment to share my thoughts about each day's prompt and the poem resulting from that day's prompt mainly because I'm not used to blogging each and every day. This prompt is so open ended, I really didn't know what I wanted to say. At first a bunch of cliches drifted through my mind. I let each one go.

Initially, I thought I was going to write a different poem about a different topic - discovering someone's hidden judgmental side, but, alas, that poem isn't quite there yet... Maybe before the day is done. I still have hours for it to jell.

Eventually, I started thinking about what happens when we drift away from people we care about. The more distance we allow to come between us, the more we want to come back to the person with a sense of purpose and growth. Thus, the following poem was born...

Since We Last Spoke

Since we last spoke
Everything has changed
Nothing is different
The spoken and the unspoken
Still sit between us
Life moved forward
We drifted in different directions
We lost so much
We lost so little
We gained so much
We gained so little
I could find you if I opened my eyes
But I look the opposite direction
Whenever the urge hits
Because I want to wait until
I can finally say
You know longer know me
My soul transcends the woman you knew
My heart can’t be charmed by your smile
My mind can’t be seduced by your words
The spoke and the unspoken no longer matter
Since we last spoke


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